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Karen Wickham

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Position: Senses Australia (Western Australia)

Karen has worked alongside the Deafblind community since 2005. Currently employed by SensesWA as Clinical Lead Deafblind Services, Deafblind Consultant and Senior Social Worker, Karen is also a Project Manager for DBWA Connect, a Deafblind West Australians initiative and drop-in centre focused on connection, access to information and education for the Deafblind community. Karen has contributed to building a strong state and national Deafblind community on multiple levels, for example through Deafblind camps, national conferences, research and ongoing special projects. She has developed and provided ongoing training and is a strong advocate for people living with deafblindness. Karen has presented nationally and internationally on many occasions across her career and is committed to building and supporting a sustainable, peer-led Deafblind community. She has been a Deafblind Australia Board member since 2020.

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