Welcome to Deafblind Australia

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We represent and advocate for Deafblind people around the country. We are committed to diversity, inclusiveness, self-determination and advocacy.

We work to improve supports and services and to empower Deafblind people to be self-determining and self-advocating.

Our aim is for the Deafblind community and its members to thrive. With the right supports and services, Deafblind people can and do achieve their goals.

Our website keeps you up to date with the latest news and events, and can help you access resources, support and services.

We warmly invite anyone impacted by hearing loss and vision impairment, including people with dual sensory loss and people who identify as Deafblind, along with their families and support networks and professionals working in this space to join our community.

Lived experience stories

Alex using technology to communicate

Lib’s story

Profoundly deaf and fitted with a harness containing two large microphones the size of small, thick coasters, the harness went over my head with the speakers on my chest and…

Vision impaired man uses text to voice on mobile device

Alex’s story

Alex’s Deafblind Camp Stories 9th November: Landed in Perth and spent the day at a Casino and meeting some of the Staff from Senses Foundation. In the afternoon, we all…

Deafblind news

Event: Deaf, HoH, Deafblind Indigenous Awareness Training

1 November, 2023

DBA have partnered with Jody Barney to present TWO amazing training opportunities on November 21st. Jody is a strong and…

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Event: Technology and Mental Health for people who are Deafblind

1 November, 2023

Please join Deafblind Australia in an open forum about: Technology and Mental Health for people who are Deafblind. We are…

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Event: DBA Round Table Sessions – All major capital cities

1 November, 2023

DBA are visiting all major capital cities to hold a round table discussion with our Project Staff and Executive Officer.…

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