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Faye Gill

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Position: Family Representative (Western Australia)

Faye is a mother of five who has been actively involved with deafblindness for many decades, ever since one of her children was born deaf and blind. Faye has an in-depth understanding of the challenges Deafblind people face. She has actively coordinated her daughter’s program and has an in-depth knowledge of disability agencies’ strengths and limitations. Faye is a staunch advocate for deafblind people. She was a founding member and past chair of the congenital section of The Deafblind Association (now SensesWA), former West Australian CHARGE representative and is a current member of Deafblind WA. As a ballroom dancing instructor, Faye encourages people with disability to benefit from dancing. Faye was 2018 West Australian representative for the Mother of the Year and has been the Family Representative on the Deafblind Australia Board since 2021.

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