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The Information, Resources and Workshops Reference Group (IRWRG) is composed of 15 Deafblind community members across 5 States and Territories in Australia. IRWRG members have various backgrounds and communication methods and represent a wide spectrum of experiences. They identified 5 important topics where additional resources and training are needed across Australia.  There will be a total of 28 trainings in total and online resources about these topics below:

  • Deafblind Awareness for NDIA staff
  • Increased Deafblind Awareness for all local government focusing on Deafblind Safety
  • Deafblind Self-Advocacy Online Toolkit
  • Technology Training
  • Deafblind Communication Training for Auslan Interpreters

From IRWRG four Deafblind trainers were selected to participate in a Training program to increase their training skills to run these 5 trainings listed above. There are two trainers from WA, one from Victoria and one from NSW.

IRWRG and DBA are excited to start these trainings in September. For more information on the workshops in your area or general information contact Project Officer, Adrienne Harper-Pike at

Watch video below for the Auslan Version of IRWRG Information.

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