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Become a member

Anyone is welcome to join Deafblind Australia. Becoming a member of Deafblind Australia provides a number of benefits and allows you to participate in setting the direction of the organisation and share in our success. You will receive regular communications, receive priority invitations to events and other activities and have voting rights at our Annual General Meeting.

DBA Membership Benefits

  1. Learn about what’s going on in the deafblind community around Australia.
  2. Connect with deafblind people or people with vision and hearing loss.
  3. Opportunity to engage with DBA staff, board members and other members to make sure that your issues are seen and heard.
  4. Receive up to date information for all of DBA’s activities.
  5. Learn about how services and supports affect your independence and access.
  6. Opportunities to vote and participate on the committee.
  7. Share and exchange knowledge with deafblind people, professionals and service providers to shape supports.
  8. Be part of the consultation process to assist DBA to develop more systemic models that empower deafblind people in all areas of their life.

Sign up for an annual membership

Follow a link below to sign up:


Please email us at if you

  • need to advise of changes to your contact details for an existing membership
  • would like to use a different payment method
  • need assistance with filling out an online form