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About DBA

Mission statement

To support and empower Deafblind Australians to be self-determined and to advocate for themselves. People who are deafblind can and do achieve their goals, given effective supports and services. We represent and advocate for deafblind people, and work to improve supports and services for deafblind people in Australia.

Our objectives

We aim to:

  • promote and represent the interests of deafblind people in Australia
  • encourage people who are deafblind to be self-determined in their own lives
  • serve as a national assembly for representation, advocacy, communication and exchange of information and advocate for people who are deafblind
  • work across all levels of government and all other relevant organisations to improve the lives of deafblind people throughout Australia and guide these organisations in meeting Australia’s obligations to the deafblind including those provided for in the United Nations Convention the rights of People with Disability.
  • be Australia’s foremost organisation for information on deafblindness
  • promote quality in community engagement for deafblind people and their families
  • encourage research into deafblindness and cures.

To help meet these objectives we:

  • coordinate and organise national deafblind engagement including conferences, publications and other media.

About deafblind

Deafblind is is a unique dual sensory disability that can affect an individual’s communication and their ability to receive information and express themselves. The disability also seriously impacts on a person’s social interaction and mobility. Deafblind can affect a person’s ability to be independent, as well as making it difficult to develop social networks and is recognised internationally as the most isolating of disabilities.