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Mentoring Support opportunity

As part of Deafblind Australia’s ILC (Capacity Building) projects, we are working to provide opportunity to you and others with both vision and hearing loss or deafblindness to be part of the National Deafblind Mentoring Program. Have a read of the details below.

We are looking for support from Sensory Disabilities (Blind, Vision Impaired, Deaf and hard of Hearing)  who has achieved many goals, and would be interested in supporting and inspiring others to get the most out of their life and achieve their goals?

Deafblind Australia and Senses Australia both received funding to run a Deafblind Mentoring Program.

Our Mentoring program involves one to one support where one person with sensory disability including Deaf, Hard of Hearing or Blind/Vision Impaired is more experienced and provides the deafblind person with information and possibly demonstration so the person with deafblindness becomes more independent with that skill. Both the mentee and mentor learn together during the process. It is not counselling, not commguiding, not interpreting, not service delivery but a safe fun way to learn to do things the way that works best for mentees.

Ideas for focus of mentoring could be:

  • Advocacy skills
  • Understanding the NDIS
  • Technology
  • Public presentations
  • Cooking
  • Studying at TAFE or university
  •       Independence in the community
  • Other skills


Mentoring is the process of sharing ideas, solving problems together by sharing past experiences and thinking of new solutions.

People involved in the mentoring program will receive training. Four sessions via zoom webinar and follow up support from Deafblind Australia or Senses Australia.

If you are interested in participating in the mentoring program or have any questions please email:

David Murray


Meredith Prain