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Deafblind Australia calls to recognise the Deafblind Community – National Deafblind Awareness Week 2019

Melbourne Australia, Deafblind Australia alongside Deafblind Victoria and Able Australia held a special event on 19 June to mark the beginning of the National Deafblind Awareness Week 24 June – 30 June, 2019. This event brought together 85 people including 35 people with dual sensory loss to recognize the lives of people with deafblindness in Australia and around the world.

“This is wonderful opportunity for people with deafblindness, families and supporting organisations to raise awareness and provide inclusive communities for people living with deafblindness” David Murray, EO of Deafblind Australia.

Deafblind Awareness Week celebrates a very famous person with deafblindness named Helen Keller. We commemorate her life each year in the week on her birthday, 27th June. During Deafblind Awareness week, Deafblind Australia and other organisations held events and activities to raise awareness of people with dual sensory loss. We aim to continue raising awareness and inspire people with sensory loss to encourage each other as valued members of the community.

“We ask families, supporting organisations and services to connect with individuals and groups of people with dual sensory loss to ensure they have the same opportunities everyone else. Providing an attentive ear and responding to their needs, interest and reach their full potential” Rikki Chaplin, President, Deafblind Australia

Deafblind Australia provides a national deafblind voice for the deafblind community. We rely on the financial support and the generosity of the wider community in providing opportunities and building the capacity of the deafblind community in all areas of their life including access to information, supports, services, education and employment. We provide advice to organisations working with people with dual sensory loss. If you like to make a difference and support Deafblind Australia in any way please visit our website.

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