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Our history

The Australian DeafBlind Council − now Deafblind Australia − was set up following the National Deafblind Conference in Melbourne in 1993 as an advocacy organisation for Australians with deafblindness and their families and support networks. We also connect and support networks of people with vision and hearing impairments and deafblindness, family members, professionals, carers, organisations and other people interested in supporting those with deafblindness.

We have more recently taken on the important roles of providing national representation and information on deafblindness. We are the only advocacy organisation that specialises in deafblindness in Australia.

Subscriptions and donations from members and the support of several organisations that provide services to people with deafblindness, particularly Deafblind service organisations, finance and support our operations. We are aiming for full or partial government support to finance our activities in the future.

Our membership is open to people who are deafblind, and their families and support networks